It is no secret that Thai chefs prepare some of the most delicious meals you can find in any restaurants. But doesn’t imply that every dish you will order in a Thai restaurant is healthy. If you want to enjoy Thai food with limited risks, it is important that you be a little bit selective when making an order.

Here are some of the healthiest Thai food diets you can find in any Thai restaurant

1. Cashew Chicken and Brown Rice

Cashew Chicken is one of the healthiest meals you can find in any Thai restaurant. It is rich in healthy proteins. It also contains a variety of healthy fats that are good for your health. These fats have been proven to help maintain cholesterol at healthy levels in the body.

On the other hand, brown rice has many healthy nutrients including proteins, fiber, potassium, thiamine as well as magnesium that are vital for your health. Combining Cashew Chicken with brown rice will not only provide your body with the nutrients it needs but also, keep you full. However, it is advisable that you only order one serving of cashew chicken to reduce calorie intake.

2. Fresh Spring Rolls

Another healthy meal you can order at a Thai restaurant is fresh spring rolls that come with vegetables. According to the America Heart Association, they are much better compared to fried spring rolls. One thing that makes fresh spring rolls your best choice is that they are steamed to reduce the fats and calories in your meal without altering the flavor in them.

You can also order a sour source to add some calories. But keep in mind that a tablespoon of the sauce contains about, 65 mg of sodium that is almost half of what you are required to take in one day.

3. Grilled meats and rice

While in a Thai restaurant, you can order grilled instead of fried meat. Reason being, fried meat are dipped into oil which makes them saturated with more oil. Eating fried meat means that you will be ingesting more calories than your body requires. It is also likely that the oil that they use is not good. And even if it is good, more oil in food still increase the risks of stroke, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases.

On the other hand, the process of grilling meat doesn’t involve dipping it into oil. As a result, you will be eating less fat. Also, by grilling, the meat flavor is retained, meaning that you can still enjoy your food without risking any disease. I would suggest that you order grilled meat with some rice.

4. Hot and Sour Shrimp Broth soups

Broth soups in Thai restaurants are prepared using coconut milk, meaning they have fewer amounts of fats and calories. Broth soups are also known to offer a variety of benefits including joint protection, healthy skin, enhanced immune system, detoxification, improved metabolism and more.

Also, they contain a lot of vegetables that will fill you up. Lastly, they work well as appetizers, but because of the vegetables in them, they will fill you up preventing you from eating more. Order this broth soup before lunch or dinner.

5. Fresh fruit or fruit salad

While at a Thai restaurant, it is important to order fresh fruit instead of fried desserts because they are healthy. Fresh fruit is also known to contain many healthy nutrients, but are fat-free and have lower amounts of calories, making them a perfect choice for an after breakfast, lunch or dinner meal.

You can also order a fruit salad. The great thing about fruit salad is that it is made up of many fruits, meaning that it will offer you more nutrients. They will also keep you full. It is important that you order this food before you eat your lunch or dinner to keep you full.

The bottom line

While eating healthy, remember to move your body around. Try this Bar Brothers the system pdf to learn more about efficient ways to workout. Whether you are from Thailand or not, you will enjoy every food you find in a Thai restaurant. More often, they are delicious and healthy, but that doesn’t make a Thai restaurant a perfect place to order any food. When you get to a Thai restaurant, first look at a menu and see what they have. If you can access the five foods mentioned here, the better. If not, try finding something close.