The last thing any traveler would ever want is to spend his/her traveling time on a sick-bed or taking down pills. While this is not how anyone intends to spend their time, it happens quite often. Stories of a friends or couple’s vacation or even honeymoon being spoiled by sickness are familiar. Maybe one went into some hotel, and now their stomach just won’t calm down. All these unfortunate events are however avoidable. For any traveler, you need to learn how you can eat well to stay active throughout your journey. The following information should help you to achieve just that:

1. Bring along your snacks – as you go traveling to a city you probably haven’t been to before, it is always advisable that you bring along your healthy snacks. These could include some apples, peanut butter, carrots, and cheese among others. You can carry a small cooler that will keep your snacks fresh. If a cooler is too big for you, then you can always go for alternative snacks such as nuts, stock pretzels, etc. that do not need cooling to remain fresh.

2. Exercise – exercising is a very crucial part of any traveling experience. Even the best tourist hotels have a swimming pool, workout room or a gym where its occupants can go and exercise. A one-hour morning practice will go a long way towards ensuring that you remain active while traveling. You could also decide to put on your sports shoes and go for a morning run. This is arguably the best form of exercising when traveling. The morning run will not only keep you fit but also give you an opportunity to explore the city you are in. You will learn about new places/sites and even end up mastering the whole place like you’ve lived there your entire life!

3. Take control and research about the local restaurants – before stepping into any restaurant in the local area you should make a point of first researching about it. You could go through their different meals and check out their ingredients. This could help you in identifying any element that doesn’t fit your preferences or ones you are allergic to thus enabling you to avoid it. Once you step into the restaurants, you shouldn’t be afraid of asking them to prepare a meal the way you prefer. If that’s not possible, then there is always a substitution meal that will still be good for you.

4. Stay hydrated – during traveling you are likely to spend a lot of your time walking or engaging in other physical events. All these are activities that are known to cause the human body to lose a lot of water through sweating. To avoid feeling light-headed or fatigue ensures that you are always hydrated. Drinking lots of water will also help with your digestion. Try and carry fresh water and empty portable bottles where you can take your water as you move around.

5. Go easy on the fast food – most people go on vacations and entirely forget about their diet plans. You need to remember the harms that come with the fast foods. Of course, it’s a holiday, and you are expecting to enjoy, but you should do so with a plan. Skip heavy sauces, bacon fried foods and have more of salads and vegetables. Learn more about how to choose your foods wisely at

Don’t ruin your traveling by being too adventurous with new meals. Just have a little taste and see if it works with you. Staying healthy and vigorous is the first step towards a memorable vacation. The best way to achieve this is by following the above tips.